Go iLawn Case Study: Dowco Enterprises Inc.

Kelly Dowell

Kelly Dowell, Business Development at Dowco Enterprises, Inc.

Dowco Enterprises Inc.

Location: Chesterfield, MO

Website: www.dowcoinc.com

Service Offerings:
Residential Maintenance
Lawn Care

Employees: 47

Annual Revenue: $2.5 Million

Go iLawn Customer Since: July 2010

Company Contact:
Kelly Dowell
Business Development

Dowco’s Description of their Marketplace and Company

Q: How do you position your company in the market?

A: We are a high end residential maintenance company. We tend to be the most expensive and have a focus and commitment to the best customer service.

Q: What is your brand known for? Do you have a unique selling proposition or a mission statement that helps define your brand?

A: “Dowco is the provider of top quality professional services for those who want the best”. We pride ourselves on being audaciously accountable to all of our clients. Training is very important to us so that our crews are always performing the “Dowco Differences”.

Q:  Is your market competitive?  Do you compete against low cost providers, big chains, etc?

A: Our biggest competition tends to be the small startup companies. They are small enough to provide great customer service, just not on the same scale.

Dowco’s Experience Before Using Go iLawn

Q:  Summarize three points of frustration you faced before you started to use Go iLawn. How has using Go iLawn specifically addressed those problems?

A: Measuring properties for clients who want fertilization – it is not worth the time to go out and visit. GIL has alleviated that problem.  GIL also helps with larger properties.. or times when you forgot to get a measurement while you were out. It also helps with our subdivisions because we can use the highlighting feature to point out which areas are weekly vs. bi-weekly mowing etc.

Q: How did you measure property before using Go iLawn? What were the results?

A: By hand with a wheel. They were good, but slow.

Dowco’s Experience After Using Go iLawn

Q: What was the big a-ha moment when you decided you needed to try Go iLawn?

A: When we decided that we wanted to be known as the “Subdivision Specialists”. We had a large influx of bid requests for subdivisions and HOAs and not enough people or time to hand measure them all.

Q: What are the top three features you love about Go iLawn? Why do you love them?

A: Accuracy, speed of measurement, ability to label

Dowco’s Results With Go iLawn

Q: Did you experience any direct “big win” business results for your company because of Go iLawn? 

A: Yes, all of the above!

Why Would Dowco Recommend Go iLawn?

Q: What is the single biggest reason you would recommend/why you love the Go iLawn? 

A: GIL simplifies my life because I can always find measurements at the click of a mouse without even leaving the office. It allows the account managers to spend time focusing on retention and the office staff or temporary help can measure the property.