Go iLawn Case Study: Greenscape Inc.

Daniel Currin Greenscape President

Daniel Currin, President, Greenscape Inc.

Greenscape Inc.

Location: Holly Springs, NC

Website: www.greenscapeinc.com

Service Offerings:
Landscape &
Design, Build Management
Lawn Care (Weed Man)

Employees: 180

Annual Revenue: $14 Million

Go iLawn Customer Since: November 2010

Company Contact:
Daniel Currin

Greenscape Inc.’s Description of their Marketplace and Company

Q: How do you position your company in the market?

A:  We are a premium provider of landscape management and design/build services.  We operate three Weed Man lawn care franchises. Our focus is on building relationships and providing an unmatched customer experience.

Q: What is your brand known for? Do you have a unique selling proposition or a mission statement that helps define your brand?

A: Our tagline is “On time, Done Right.” We arrived at this tagline after surveying current and former clients to understand how they view the company. Their general feedback was they loved that we were there when promised and that they could turn the job over to us knowing it would be done right and they wouldn’t need to call us back out for rework.

Q:  Is your market competitive?  Do you compete against low cost providers, big chains, etc?

A: We are in a competitive environment. Ruppert, Scotts, Trugreen, US Lawns, Brickman and Valley Crest are a few of the competitors.

Greenscape Inc.’s Experience Before Using Go iLawn

Q:  Summarize three points of frustration you faced before you started to use Go iLawn. How has using Go iLawn specifically addressed those problems?

    1. Time spent on sites measuring
    2. Qualifying clients
    3. Being unfamiliar with the site

Go iLawn has addressed these issues by making the site visit for verification purposes. It enables us to measure large areas quickly in the office.  We can look at scope and quality of a site before a visit to save on labor and gas.

Q: How did you measure property before using Go iLawn? What were the results?

A: We mostly measured sites in person. This ensured we had excellent measurements but took a lot of time.

Greenscape Inc.’s Experience After Using Go iLawn

Q: What was the big a-ha moment when you decided you needed to try Go iLawn?

A: Having a full sales pipeline is great, but we were overwhelmed with work and struggled to figure out how to get to all of the sites in a timely manner. Go iLawn offered a solid solution and ensured we could assign our staff more efficiently.

Q: What are the top three features you love about Go iLawn? Why do you love them?

    1. The speed at which we can measure properties.
    2. The accuracy of the tool.
    3. Seeing different angles of the site from a choice of five images.

These features make our lives much easier.

Greenscape Inc.’s Results With Go iLawn

Q: What specific problems has Go iLawn addressed that other landscape contractors might be able to relate to? 

A: It has addressed the time management issue and helped us to better qualify leads without using resources.

Q: Did you experience any direct “big win” business results for your company because of Go iLawn? 

A: We are more productive in our speed of turnaround for proposals which saves payroll time and increases efficiency of the company.

Why Would Greenscape Inc. Recommend Go iLawn?

Q: What is the single biggest reason you would recommend/why you love the Go iLawn? 

A: I can have a site ¾ measured before I arrive and large complexes can be done in hours. Plus we can still work on a rainy day.

Q: What would you say to a contractor who is considering whether to purchase Go iLawn? 

A: It is well worth the investment for the time it will save the company.