About Go iLawn

In the Beginning…Go iLawn residential property diagram

Go iLawn was created in early 2009. Its purpose was to apply Internet technology to reduce the time and cost of property measurement for the lawn and landscape industry. From inception, the Go iLawn development team worked closely with landscapers across the country to create the contractor-focused software it is today.

Owned and Operated by a Landscape Contractor

In June of 2010 Mike Rorie, former owner of GroundMasters, a Cincinnati, Ohio based commercial maintenance company acquired Go iLawn. He continues to guide the development team from a contractor’s perspective as they enhance the tools and features on the site.

Looking Forward to the Future

Today, millions of properties have been measured with the Go iLawn software, and our vision for it continues to grow. We constantly look for ways to leverage new technologies and develop features to help improve a contractor’s efficiency during the sales and estimating process.

This commitment to innovation and excellence has resulted in thousands of companies across the U.S. and Canada using Go iLawn to increase their profits by reducing the time and expense of property measurement.

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We invite you to join our thousands of successful customers and discover how Go iLawn property measurement can help you measure, bid and win more business.

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