Answers to Go iLawn’s Frequently Asked Questions

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What is happening to Go iLawn?

There are no plans to retire Go iLawn at this time. We are continuing to support our existing customers, but will no longer be enrolling interested contractors in new free trials or paid subscriptions to Go iLawn. We encourage those who are interested in online property measurements to check out PropertyIntel, the new and improved version of Go iLawn.

What features are on the roadmap?

Since we have focused our resources on developing the next generation of online property measurements, we are no longer releasing new features for Go iLawn. We will, however, release bug fixes if necessary. You can find new features released every two weeks in PropertyIntel.

What kind of support is available?

Our team will continue to support existing Go iLawn customers through the life of their subscriptions.

How much does Go iLawn cost?

While our existing customers may continue to use Go iLawn and renew their accounts, we are no longer selling new Go iLawn subscriptions. We have dedicated our resources to developing PropertyIntel with a significant research and development budget, and are confident that it exceeds the capabilities of Go iLawn.

What is the benefit of using PropertyIntel over Go iLawn?

Go iLawn is a great application that has served thousands of contractors for more than a decade, but we have shifted our efforts to support the development of a property intelligence tool that upgrades Go iLawn and lets users create takeoffs for maintenance, design-build, and enhancement opportunities all in one system.

As the next generation of Go iLawn, PropertyIntel links key property data with users’ business processes, helping companies tap into actionable insights to optimize operations, make smarter decisions, and plan for the future.