Measure More Properties in Less Time for Landscape Sales, Estimating and Operations

From mowing to chemical application to irrigation and more, Go iLawn is your “go-to” tool for delivering accurate estimates that thrill your customers and optimize your profits.

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Turn Property Measurement Liabilities into Assets

Commercial Landscape Diagram Gardens of Babylon

Over 1 Million Sq. Feet Measured
Gardens of Babylon, Nashville, TN

With Go iLawn:

  • Anyone on your staff (from administrator to head estimator) can accurately execute professional property measurement on any property in the U.S. and Canada.


  • Dramatically reduce drive time (labor), wear-and-tear on vehicles, and fuel costs associated with property measurement.


  • Transform your site visits into value-added inspections that impress your prospects and build your competitive sales advantage.

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Go iLawn Gives you the Right Tools for the Job

Irrigation Pipe and Valve Diagram Everist Irrigation, Bend, OR

Irrigation Pipe and Valve Diagram
Everist Irrigation, Bend, OR

Go iLawn combines property photos and measuring tools in one easy-to-use application. Go iLawn users can measure any outdoor surface on a property; turf areas, mulch beds, trees, parking lots, sidewalks and more.

With Go iLawn you can quickly and accurately:

  • Measure Square footage and linear distance
  • Count trees, shrubs and other objects
  • Group measurements by surface type (turf, mulch, asphalt, bed edges, etc.)
  • Obtain property boundaries and owner information
  • Create clear, concise property diagrams for clients, crews and office staff

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Quickly Determine Product and Equipment Needs

Commercial Landscape & Snow Services 4_SM Environmental Management

Commercial Landscape & Snow Removal Services
Environmental Management, Columbus, OH

Have you ever overestimated or, even worse, underestimated the amount of materials needed for a job?  What about equipment and labor needs and requirements?

Determine How Much Product you Need for Your Jobs:

  • Mulch (Use our mulch calculator!)
  • Sod
  • Seed
  • Fertilizer
  • Turf Applications
  • Salt
  • Liquid Deicer

Determine Your Equipment & Labor Needs:

  • Man Power
  • Mowers
  • Hand Held Equipment
  • Snow Plows

Works for All Property Types

Commercial snow and landscape services, Monello Landscape Industries, LLC

Commercial snow and landscape services, Monello Landscape Industries, LLC

Go iLawn offers 100% coverage of the U.S. and Canada. View any size property on the site. Your reach is endless:

  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Industrial
  • Homeowner’s Associations
  • Golf Courses
  • Military Bases
  • Airports
  • Cemeteries
  • You name it, you can measure it on Go iLawn

Instant Estimator Let’s You Measure & Estimate At The Same Time

Instant Estimator Estimating System For Landscape ContractorsGo iLawn Instant Estimator enhances your measuring screen, giving you at a glance estimating data alongside your measurements.


  • The total estimated time for the job is displayed at the top and continuously updates as you measure.


  • Quickly scan your groups to see the services applied to them along with the square footage.


  • Simply click a group, start measuring and your estimate is already started!



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Go iLawn Turns Your Measurements into Proposals Fast

Go iLawn residential property diagram

Residential Services Diagram
Created by Alle Rorie of Go iLawn

Instead of wasting time driving across town from one property to the next, you’ll have more time to impress your prospects with quick responses and fast bid turnarounds.

Plus, Go iLawn’s tools are handy for the sales process.

We hear time and time again that our users ‘wow’ their customers and prospects with labeled, color-coded property diagrams that help them close the sale.

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Go iLawn is Integrated with Smart Business Tools You Already Use

Landscape Services Estimate for HOA

Landscape Measurements for HOA
Solomon Services, Denver, Co

Do you use Microsoft Excel? With a click of a button, your Go iLawn measurements export to an Excel spreadsheet.

Save a comprehensive record of all Go iLawn property measurements and objects counted (such as trees) to your computer.

You can also print and save high resolution property photos to your computer, so it’s easy to email, print and manage your property photo inventory.

  • Save property measurements to Excel
  • Save property photos to your computer
  • Save Go iLawn project files with our cloud storage

Go iLawn Site Diagrams Boost Job Site Efficiency and Performance

Turf Application Site Diagram TurfBusters, Beechgrove, TN

Turf Application Site Diagram
TurfBusters, Beechgrove, TN

Keep your crew clear, focused and efficient on the job. Use Go iLawn site maps to visually assign work and ensure the job is done right the first time.

Print three copies… one for your client, operations manager and office staff. Now everyone has a record of your job execution strategy.

Your Go iLawn site maps are also powerful customer service, sales and retention tools. Use them to show your customer how you will complete the work and who will be on site.

  • Label key features and information in your Go iLawn photos
  • Color-code property features
  • Strategically group measurements

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Landscape Measurements for HOA

Landscape Measurements for HOA
Solomon Services, Denver, CO

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