Go iLawn Case Study: Campbell Lawn & Irrigation

Kaitlin Gruley, Customer Service Support

Campbell Lawn & Irrigation

Location: Northern Virginia


Service Offerings:
Turf Care
Irrigation Install and Maintenance
Landscape Lighting

Annual Revenue: $2 Million

Go iLawn Customer Since: 2010

Company Contact:
Kaitlin Gruley
Customer Service Support

Campbell Lawn & Irrigation’s Description of their Marketplace and Company

Q: How do you position your company in the market?

A: We feel confident with our position in the current market. We do feel that being a small, family owned & operated company does put us at an advantage as consumers are more inclined to support small, and desire the more personalized approach we offer and follow through on.

Q: What is your brand known for? Do you have a unique selling proposition or a mission statement that helps define your brand?

A: We are heavily focused on achieving the most optimal lawn results in our market by providing high quality lawn and irrigation services.

Q: Is your market competitive? Do you compete against low cost providers, big chains, etc?

A: Yes, most definitely. We are mostly competing against larger, nationally or locally acclaimed big chains.

Campbell Lawn & Irrigation’s Experience Before Using Go iLawn

Q: Summarize three points of frustration you faced before you started to use Go iLawn. How has using Go iLawn specifically addressed those problems?

A: We were spending a lot of valuable time going on appointments to measure properties in-person, we were unable to send clients accurate aerial photos of their properties, particularly those with larger lawns, and the other software we started using wasn’t giving us the most up to date pictures of properties and lawns and in many cases, it was giving us the wrong property altogether.

Now, we are able to save time by measuring from the comfort of our offices and sending those proposals the same day they are requested. We are also guaranteed to have clear, accurate pictures of lawns with property lines included. It’s extremely beneficial to be able to send a client a picture of their property with our measurements on there for them to review and let us know if a specific area is not something they want to include in their lawn care plan and pricing.

In short, using Go iLawn, has drastically reduced our time in the field out measuring properties and the accuracy of our measuring has exponentially increased.

Q: How did you measure property before using Go iLawn? What were the results?

A: We would go on in-person appointments to measure for pricing, we also utilized Google maps and used another software through our CRM system. The appointments took up a lot of valuable time away from the office and other work. While it can be helpful at times to utilize Google maps and the other software, it also was frustrating because it is not as user friendly as Go iLawn nor is it as accurate.

You can only zoom in a certain amount, there are no property lines outlined, most of the pictures of the properties were taken in the Spring therefore the foliage makes it hard to see lawns and thus measure them, and often times we’ve run into the issue of the other software giving us the wrong property altogether.

Campbell Lawn & Irrigation’s Experience After Using Go iLawn

Q: What was the big a-ha moment when you decided you needed to try Go iLawn?

A: The ability to spit out accurate estimates quickly was the biggest factor. That enabled us to scale & grow our business much faster and more efficiently.

Q: What are the top three features you love about Go iLawn? Why do you love them?

A: It’s so easy to measure! You can add text to pictures (this comes in handy for detailed oriented clients or clients with large properties/big projects). It is extremely user friendly.

Campbell Lawn & Irrigation’s Results With Go iLawn

Q: Did you experience any direct “big win” business results for your company because of Go iLawn? 

A: We are able to turn out estimates/proposals very fast. This is especially helpful during our Spring and Fall rushes when we have an influx of service inquires.

Why Would Campbell Lawn & Irrigation Recommend Go iLawn?

Q: What is the single biggest reason you would recommend/why you love the Go iLawn? 

A: We highly recommend using Go iLawn as it will help you scale & grow your business because it allows you to confidently and accurately send out estimates from your office very quickly.