Go iLawn Case Study: Ippolito Snow Services

Frankie Ippolito

Frankie Ippolito, GM and Owner of Ippolito Snow Services.









Location: Boston, MA &
Chelsea, MA


Service Offerings:
Snow Removal

Employees: 25

Go iLawn Customer Since: June 2014

Company Contact:
Frankie Ippolito
GM, Owner

Ippolito Snow Services Description of their Marketplace and Company

Q: How do you position your company in the market?

A: Ippolito Snow Services (ISS) offers premier snow & ice management solutions to organizations looking for reliable services from real snow professionals who not only understand and respond to their needs, but who care about them too.

As third generation family business, we are approaching our 42nd consecutive winter season and our mission remains unchanged, helping others solve winter problems related to snow and ice.  While we may never be known as the biggest in the market, we absolutely continue to strive to be known to as the best in the market.

Q: What is your brand known for? Do you have a unique selling proposition or a mission statement that helps define your brand?

A: We are 100% snow professionals, which is unique in New England. We are very focused and put all of our energy and investment back into the snow business. We will not be distracted by trying to expand into adjacent market segments to drive revenue during off season.

We’ve tried to add a little edginess and humor into the business with the tagline:

Inches Matter at Ippolito Snow Services

Q:  Is your market competitive?  Do you compete against low cost providers, big chains, etc?

A: Somewhat, meaning we find ourselves up against clients deciding to take the burden off their own internal staff, or local companies where snow is augmenting their “day” business, e.g., landscaping companies, general contractors, etc.  However, I have found that many (not all) of them deliver awesome service in their core business, yet find themselves having to “deal” with or “get through” the winter.  Customers have responded well to our “snow only” mentality and have voted by awarding significant size multi-year deals.

Ippolito Snow Services Experience Before Using Go iLawn

Q:  Summarize three points of frustration you faced before you started to use Go iLawn. How has using Go iLawn specifically addressed those problems?


1. Make customer visits more productive – Measuring properties with the traditional roller, or even counting the sidewalk tiles and guesstimating takes a lot of time to drive to the site, draw it up, take notes, and then be able to translate those notes back to the office at the end of the day. When the call comes into the office we have a dedicated person who talks to the prospect and before the call is finished has a first pass general drawing of the area that is sometimes even shared with the customer via email to see if we have the location correct and initial scope. We typically get the “WOW factor”, or “that is amazing, you guys are the real deal”.

Bottom line is that customers find Go iLawn drawings very impressive.  This allows us to quickly identify those deals that don’t make sense to our portfolio and close it down immediately, allowing the customer to continue their search right away and our team to invest more time with additional prospects

2. Better service delivery through improved internal communication- Specifically customers get frustrated with having to explain what they want to multiple people on our team. Go iLawn has helped us ensure that everyone on our team, no matter what department they are in, are looking at the most recent information about a customer site. We’ve made the Go iLawn site drawing the glue between all of our processes. Starting with the initial call with a prospect where we upload a drawing to our private snow cloud and it then follows the life cycle of the deal.

3. Our team can get more done faster

Q: How did you measure property before using Go iLawn? What were the results?

A: We would go to the site and use a traditional roller.  In some cases even count parking spots, or sidewalk tiles. Since using Go iLawn, we have measured existing client properties, and found discrepancies whereby we are undercharging for our services.

Ippolito Snow Services Experience After Using Go iLawn

Q: What was the big a-ha moment when you decided you needed to try Go iLawn?

A: We have not picked up a roller or a tape measure since the first site drawing and never will.

Q: What are the top three features you love about Go iLawn? Why do you love them?

A:  Measuring fast, easy access on the web, and the pricing- no huge software investment up front.

Ippolito Snow Services Results With Go iLawn

Q: What specific problems has Go iLawn addressed that other landscape contractors might be able to relate to? 

A: After investing a lot of time and energy on a deal, then learning that it doesn’t make sense to submit a bid. Finding out faster would have been great.

Q: Did you experience any direct “big win” business results for your company because of Go iLawn? 

A: We’ve had our biggest year in booking business and the most multi-year deals.

Why Would Ippolito Snow Services Recommend Go iLawn?

Q: Why would Ippolito Snow Services recommend Go iLawn? 

A: It will help you break through to the next level, and fast.

Q: What is the single biggest reason you would recommend/why you love the Go iLawn? 

A: I love hearing customers say, “WOW”.

Q: What would you say to a contractor who is considering whether to purchase Go iLawn? 

A: Go for it, it’s easy to use and sets you apart in bid meetings.

When I think of your headlines of  “Measure. Bid. Win.”, it’s almost for us. Our version would be “Measure. Bid. Win. Manage.”