Go iLawn Case Study: NuLeaf Lawncare

Suzy Ellis, Director of Sales/Marketing at NuLeaf

NuLeaf Lawncare

Location: Northern Virginia

Website: nuleaflawncare.com

Service Offerings:
Commercial Lawn Care
Residential Lawn Care
Mosquito Control
Plant Health Care

Annual Revenue: ~$2 Million

Go iLawn Customer Since: January 2021

Company Contact:
Suzy Ellis
Director of Sales/Marketing

Suzy Ellis joins us to discuss her success with Go iLawn. Watch the video for more details!

NuLeaf’s Description of their Marketplace and Company

Q: How do you position your company in the market?

A: NuLeaf Lawn Care: Naturally Better Lawn Care – “Enhancing communities, lives, and the environment – One lawn at a time.”

Q: What is your brand known for? Do you have a unique selling proposition or a mission statement that helps define your brand?

A: NuLeaf provides naturally-based, science-backed lawn care programs so that our clients can get back to what matters most to them.

Q:  Is your market competitive?  Do you compete against low cost providers, big chains, etc?

A: We are in a highly competitive market where we compete with both small and large businesses as well as chain providers and low cost companies.

Nuleaf’s Experience Before Using Go iLawn

Q:  Summarize three points of frustration you faced before you started to use Go iLawn. How has using Go iLawn specifically addressed those problems?

A: Poor visibility due to tree cover – [Go] iLawn provides leaf-off photos.
Images were outdated and generally just too old – iLawn updates images almost every year.
Referring back to old measurements was impossible – iLawn saves old projects and all the measurements.

Q: How did you measure property before using Go iLawn? What were the results?

A: By hand or via Google.

NuLeaf’s Experience After Using Go iLawn

Q: What was the big a-ha moment when you decided you needed to try Go iLawn?

A: The leaf-off photos made it so that on-site measuring is now rarely used.

Q: What are the top three features you love about Go iLawn? Why do you love them?

A: Imagery, Individual measurements/multiple at a time, add/remove feature.

NuLeaf’s Results With Go iLawn

Q: Did you experience any direct “big win” business results for your company because of Go iLawn? 

A: [Go iLawn] paid for itself by almost eliminating windshield time for on-site estimates and increasing the estimates per day.

Why Would NuLeaf Recommend Go iLawn?

Q: What is the single biggest reason you would recommend/why you love the Go iLawn? 

A: See the answer above!