‘Be The Next Bob’ Contest!

Bob Martin in L&L

Flip to page 73 in Lawn and Landscape to see Bob’s ad! Click on this photo to enlarge.

Have you seen our new ads in Lawn & Landscape, Turf Magazine and Landscape Management? They feature Go iLawn user Bob Martin. Bob’s an estimator at Turfscape, Inc. and the new face of our ads.

Bob’s ads turned out so well it got us thinking about how great it would be to see more Go iLawn users measuring properties in their own environment- just like Bob. With that said, we invite you to send us your photos of you using Go iLawn for a chance to ‘Be the Next Bob’!

Here are Some Ideas for your Go iLawn Photos:

  • Sitting in front of the screen– just like Bob -with a Go iLawn site diagram in the shot.
  • Showing/discussing Go iLawn site diagrams with a customer- You can send us a shot of you reviewing your Go iLawn site diagrams with your customers on a computer screen, a printout, or on a mobile device, whatever works best for you.
  • Showing/discussing Go iLawn site diagrams or measurements with your team- Reviewing Go iLawn site diagrams with your team on a computer screen, a printout or a mobile device will work here too. The key is to to make sure the Go iLawn diagram can be seen clearly like the example Bob’s photo.
  • Posting Go iLawn diagrams on social media- Be sure to use #GoiLawn on Twitter, or mention our handle @GoiLawn, and tag us on Facebook so we know you’ve shared the photo.
  • Any creative uses you can think of– we want to see how you use Go iLawn, so feel free to come up with something different than our suggestions above!

We’ll announce the winner(s) in March, but don’t worry- if your picture doesn’t appear in an ad, it will appear in an eBook we’ll compile with everyone’s entries. We’ll also share them on Twitter and Facebook. Simply fill out the form below to get started!

Fill out the form below to enter our ‘Be the Next Bob’ Contest