Welcome to Our Landscape Contractor Success Center!

Our goals go beyond helping our clients measure more properties online so they can bid more jobs and win more sales. In that spirit we’ve created this contractor success center loaded with checklists, worksheets, eBooks, data and information that are aimed to help you excel in different areas of your business. If you have any requests for the contractor resource center, please contact us and let us know!

Implement a Cluster Marketing System at Your Landscape Company
How landscapers can increase profits by servicing more customers in less time

Systematically acquiring customers of the same service type in close proximity to each other gives you powerful competitive advantages in pricing and profit, service, and marketing.

Our Cluster Marketing eBook highlights the strengths that this strategic system allows and walks you step-by-step through the process in Go iLawn.

Download it today to learn more about your new competitive advantage!

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Develop a Sales System for Your Landscaping CompanyDevelop a Sales system for your landscaping company

A consistent and healthy sales pipeline is an essential component to your company’s growth and ongoing success. Furthermore, understanding your sales ratios, and several other key performance indicators is your ticket to making strategic decisions that will accelerate your growth. Without a sales management system in place, dissecting these key numbers is a daunting task.

Download Mike Rorie’s presentation from Landscapes 2017 to help you start developing a sales system at your landscaping company today.

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Conduct an 80/20 Systems Audit at Your Landscape CompanySystems turn dimes into dollars

The 80/20 systems audit worksheet is based on Mike Rorie’s “The Advantage Of Great Systems” presentation that has been featured at several green industry events. It’s designed to help you focus on developing the systems most critical to the success of your company now, because systems are the seeds that grow successful landscape businesses.

Download our 80/20 Systems Audit Worksheet to help you conduct an 80/20 systems audit at your landscape company today.

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Benchmarking Checklist for Landscape Companies

Benchmarking at your landscape company

Download our benchmarking worksheet to start today.

Benchmarking is the process of tracking, measuring and analyzing key performance indicators at your company. You can benchmark sales, operations, administrative processes…pretty much anything! The key is beginning the process. This checklist will help you get started on the process so you can:

  • Identify key performance factors to streamline operations
  • Build a more profitable company
  • Increase employee motivation
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Delegation Checklist for Landscapers

delegation image

Download our checklist to begin an effective delegation process at your landscape company.

Delegating to key individuals at your landscape company can take you places you could never reach on your own; however, like most things in business, delegation is an acquired skill- and a tough one at that to master.

Download our delegation checklist that outlines a simple, yet effective delegation process to help you identify who, what, why and when you can delegate to and about at your company.

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Mike Rorie’s Training Program Worksheet for Landscape Companies

Training Topic Ideas for Landscapers 3

Use our training checklist to start your training program today.

Implementing a training program at your service business is a key component to your ability to scale and grow. Download Mike Rorie’s training program worksheet to get your ideas flowing and documented so you can get your training program up and running ASAP.

This worksheet will help you outline what training topics to cover with your team, who should lead training sessions, and when they should occur.

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How Landscapers Estimate

How landscapers estimate feature thumbnail 2

Check out our infographic all about how landscapers estimate.

We’ve been fortunate that our clients have taken the time to explain the details and nuances of landscape estimating to us to help us advance our tools. We’re even more fortunate that they continue sharing their expertise and industry knowledge with us like they did in a 2014 survey we conducted all about preparing landscape estimates.

We compiled their responses in an easy-to-digest infographic that you can download and share!

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How to Use the NOAA Website to Get Snowfall DataNOAA Weather Instructions Go iLawn

No matter what type of snow and ice management estimate you plan to prepare, it’s always a good idea to arm yourself with any and all information possible about the properties you plan to service- including historical weather data. We have prepared a step-by-step guide to help you download historical weather data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association’s (NOAA) website. Best of all- it’s completely free.

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New Go iLawn Tools & UpdatesNew Go iLawn Features

Our in house development team is constantly looking for ways to enhance our property measuring tools for landscapers. After all, our number one goal is to help our users measure properties faster and better than ever before. Check out our list of new features, tweaks and enhancements we’ve recently made with this in mind.

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