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From measuring parking lots and sidewalks, to identifying lot obstacles and more, Go iLawn helps you clearly communicate your professional snow removal strategy to customers, subcontractors and crews.

Accurately and Efficiently Measure Properties for Snow Removal

Commercial snow and ice management diagram

Commercial snow removal diagram indicating snow storage areas in parking lot, schedule for services and direction to push snow.

Measuring parking lots, driveways and roads to produce estimates for snow and ice management can be a time consuming, laborious process- especially if you’re doing it the traditional way and using a measuring wheel.

But not with Go iLawn. Our high-resolution property photos and property measuring tools will help you drastically reduce the time it takes to accurately measure properties for snow removal estimates.

With Go iLawn You Can:

  • Measure properties 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter the weather conditions.


  • Dramatically reduce drive time (labor), wear and tear on vehicles and fuel costs associated with property measurement.


  • Produce professional snow removal service diagrams for clients, crews and subcontractors.

Start measuring properties with Go iLawn today.

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Property Measuring Tools Designed to Make Your Life Easier

Commercial sidewalks and parking lot snow removal

Unobstructed leaf-off property views allow you to measure properties during any season and any weather conditions.

Go iLawn combines property photos and measuring tools in one easy-to-use application. Go iLawn users can measure parking lots and sidewalks, locate and mark building entrances, identify lot obstacles and more.

Need to measure a property during a snow event? No problem! Our photos will deliver unobstructed ‘leaf-off’ views, allowing you to see the bare pavement you need to measure with no tree canopies or snow in the way.

With Go iLawn you can quickly and accurately measure:

  • Parking lot and sidewalk square footage
  • Linear distance
  • Change in elevation and slope
  • Count parking stalls, speed bumps, light poles, building entrances, drains etc.
  • Identify & label parking lot obstacles

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Quickly Determine Snow Removal Equipment & Deicing Material Needs

Commercial Snow & Landscape Services

Commercial Snow and Landscape Services,
Monello Landscape Industries, LLC

With rising costs of deicing materials, it’s important to know how much product you’ll need to properly service your clients and get you through the season.

Use our tools to help you calculate exactly how much product, how many crew members, and what type of equipment you need to get the job done.

  • Determine the correct amount of salt, sand or liquid deicer needed for effective deicing


  • Define what pieces of equipment will be needed and will be operable at any location (will you use a shovel or snow blower, bobcat or truck, plow or skid loader?)


  • Identify parking lot obstacles and possible hazards


  • Isolate snow storage placement on the property

Measure Any Property Type for Snow Removal Estimates

Commercial Snow Services Diagram

Label parking lot obstacles, where snow will be placed, what areas will be serviced first etc.

Go iLawn offers 100% coverage of the U.S. and Canada.

You can view any size/type of property on Go iLawn. Your reach is endless:

  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Industrial
  • Homeowner’s Associations
  • Golf Courses
  • Military Bases
  • Airports

Start measuring your market today.

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Go iLawn Helps You Turn Your Measurements into Proposals Fast

Medical office complex measured for snow removal Go iLawn

Color-coding and labeling tools make it easy to create snow removal service diagrams for subcontractors, crews and customers.

Measuring on Go iLawn lets you turn your estimate around faster.

It helps you measure more properties so you can bid more jobs and win more sales.

Instead of wasting time driving across town from one property to the next, you’ll have more time to impress your prospects with speedy responses and fast bid turnarounds.

See how you can produce better bids today.

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Save, Review & Analyze Property Data with Go iLawn’s Excel Integration

Show Your Customer Exactly How You Will Execute Your Snow Removal Strategy

Show Your Customer Exactly How You Will Execute Your Snow Removal Strategy

Do you use Microsoft Excel? With a click of a button, your Go iLawn measurements export to an Excel spreadsheet.

Save a comprehensive record of all Go iLawn property measurements and objects counted (such as parking stalls) to your computer.

You can group Go iLawn measurements into categories like ‘sidewalks’ and ‘parking lots’, with our measurement-grouping feature and your spreadsheet will be organized and subtotaled for you accordingly.

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Go iLawn Snow Removal Diagrams Improve Job Site Efficiency

Commercial Landscape & Snow Services 4_SM Environmental Management

Commercial Landscape & Snow Removal Services
Environmental Management, Columbus, OH

Ensure a successful service delivery by preparing your crews and subcontractors, office staff, and customers with snow and ice management service diagrams.

With Go iLawn Site Diagrams You Can:

  • Completely outline your snow and ice management strategy


  • Highlight parking lot obstacles


  • Include key property information


  • See an example to the right

Create a site diagram today.

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Reduce Estimating Costs and Win More Sales

Snow removal diagram for an industrial property with special service requirements to keep docks cleared and accessible.

Snow removal diagram for an industrial property with special service requirements to keep docks cleared and accessible.

Go iLawn pays for itself from the first time you use it.

When you reduce the time and expense of onsite property measurement the savings flow to your bottom line.

Plus, your resources are freed to focus on satisfying your customers – which generates more referrals.

Discover how Go iLawn can create a profit ripple effect throughout your business.

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Try it Now!

Lawn mowing and snow removal diagram commercial property

Any property can be measured with Go iLawn’s property measuring tools for landscapers.

If you would like to try the Go iLawn tools right now, visit the Go iLawn test drive area where you can use the tools and saving features for free!

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