Refer a Friend

Go iLawn appreciates your continued loyalty and business. Our Refer a Friend program is our way of saying thank you for telling your friends about all the benefits of using Go iLawn. Every time you refer a friend who purchases, you will receive free transactions.

Get Started by Following the Steps Below:

Step 1: Enter your account information (username and password) below.

Step 2: Enter your friend’s name and email address and then click the Add button. Your friend’s name and email will show up in the list. You can add as many friends as you like to your list.

Step 3: When you’re finished with your list, click the Send button. We’ll send your friends an email invitation with a promo code for a free trial (5 addresses).

If they purchase a Pre-Pay or Power User account, you’ll get FREE TRANSACTIONS.
The number of free transactions depends on the account type your friend opens:


  Your Friend Buys  Free Transactions  Value
  Pre-Pay  25  $150
  Power User  50  $300