Template Suggestions & Feedback Form

Templates are a new feature in Go iLawn. 

A template is a collection of pre-configured groups (and services if you have InstantEstimator).

You can use them to measure and estimate specific types of jobs or property faster and more effectively. We currently have Templates for General Mowing, Snow, HOA, InstantEstimator, and a Custom Template.

We plan to add Retail and Irrigation templates next. 

All Templates are customizable: edit, add, or remove Groups and Services as necessary to fit your company’s needs.

Please use the form below to submit template suggestions and also let us know how you want to see the templating feature evolve.

  • Please use your GoiLawn account email.
  • Any feedback on the template feature? What type of templates would you like to have and why? Eg. HOA, Retail, Irrigation?