Four Powerful Ways to Share and Export Go iLawn Projects

The property intelligence you create inside Go iLawn gives you exciting sales and operational advantages when shared with your team, customers and prospects.

Here’s how landscape contractors can share or export their Go iLawn sitemaps and measurements:

  • Go iLawn ShareView™: Share a non-editable, interactive version of your map by sending a special link via email or text to crews, prospects, and customers. You can even add it to your CRM for non-account holders on your team to view your property measurement data and sitemaps.

  • Excel Export: Click the Excel icon and your data is exported into a useful, tabulated spreadsheet for use in estimating, pricing, material ordering, and more!

  • Property Report: Click the Print icon to generate a PDF that shows your property map with color coded measuring data, parcel boundaries, and more.

  • Save as Image: Click the image icon to save a static version of your Go iLawn sitemap to your computer.

Go iLawn ShareView™ for Landscapers

Introducing Go iLawn ShareView™ – a new feature that lets users create and share non-editable, yet interactive versions of their projects so non-account holders can see the entire property plan.

A new link icon on the map screen allows users to create a view-only sharing link to send to their desired recipients or deactivate the sharing link when they no longer need others to view the project.

Go iLawn ShareView™ lets landscapers share sitemaps with customers, crews, and more.

Now you can send a special version of your Go iLawn project to others without an account. Send it to customers, crew members, and anyone else you want to see your project.

Here’s an example of a ShareView™ sitemap!

Export Measurements to Excel

Go iLawn users can export their measurements to an Excel spreadsheet. This spreadsheet breaks down each measurement and provides area, volume, perimeter, length, and count for each group.

See the Excel export for the ShareView™ map we just looked at above:

Download Your Property Report

Go iLawn Projects can also be saved as PDFs, which separate the sitemap and the SmartGroups™ into separate pages. This can act as a hard copy to store on your computer or to send to crews and customers to explain the job to be done.

Print Your Property Report

Landscape contractors using Go iLawn property measurement system can print their sitemaps, in a similar output to the saved PDF above. The saved PDF can be printed locally from your computer, or you can select the Printer icon on the map screen to print from the application.

Download as an Image

Landscape contractors can store a static version of their sitemaps by saving the project as a .JPG image. Download the file below to get your own copy of our Tutorial Project.

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