Go iLawn Case Studies

Companies of all sizes use Go iLawn to measure properties for landscape maintenance, irrigation, lawn care, snow removal and design build estimates (or any service they need it for!). They also use Go iLawn to help with operations, site management, sales, marketing and more. Click on a company name below to learn how these green industry companies use Go iLawn to get ahead.

Learn about:

  • How these companies use Go iLawn in their business
  • What made them decide to start measuring properties with Go iLawn
  • The results they’ve achieved with Go iLawn’s help
  • Why they recommend Go iLawn to other green industry contractors

Campbell Lawn & Irrigation

“In short, using Go iLawn has drastically reduced our time in the field out measuring properties and the accuracy of our measuring has exponentially increased.”
-Kaitlin Gruley, Customer Service Support

Ippolito Snow ServicesIppolito Snow Services Logo Updated Rs

“Go iLawn has helped us ensure that everyone on our team, no matter what department they are in, are looking at the most recent information about a customer site. We’ve made the Go iLawn site drawing the glue between all of our processes. Starting with the initial call with a prospect where we upload a drawing to our private snow cloud and it then follows the life cycle of the deal.”
-Frankie Ippolito, GM & Owner

NuLeaf Lawncare
NuLeaf Lawncare

“[Go iLawn] paid for itself by almost eliminating windshield time for on-site estimates and increasing the estimates per day.”
-Suzy Ellis, Director of Sales/Marketing

Turfscape, Inc.Turfscape Logo rs

“We recently started including the Go iLawn site maps with each site we submit proposals for and have received a lot of positive feedback for doing so. It has helped eliminate some confusion and clarified our bids ultimately leading to the successful winning bid.”
-Bob Martin, Estimator

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