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Online property measurements

Get fast, precise property measurement with parcel boundaries using aerial and satellite imagery, all stored in the cloud.

  • Bid work faster
  • Become more profitable
  • Ensure stakeholder alignment

Landscape property measurements made easy

Get accurate property measurements in minutes with Go iLawn’s easy-to-use measuring tools made for contractors.

Search for an address

Enter a prospect’s address to create a project and see high-resolution, leaf-off aerial property images.

Point and click to measure

Simply select a measuring group and a tool, then click to place dots along the boundary of your measurement.

Export and share your data

Export measurements and color-coded sitemaps to excel, image, print, or send to anyone with Go iLawn ShareView™.

Go iLawn aerial imagery

High resolution, leaf-off aerial imagery

Measure any property, any time with 100% imagery coverage of the US and Canada.

  • 100% imagery coverage of the United States and Canada
  • See around the property with up to 11 different image heights and angles
  • Quickly identify entrances and exits, hazards, and points of interest

Easy to use, precision measuring tools

Capture precise measurements you can trust with custom tools designed for landscape contractors.

  • Measure area, distance, volume, and counts with point-and-click tools
  • Add labels and directional arrows to guide your crews and align stakeholders
  • Edit completed measurements to be as exact as possible with advanced editing tools

complexity slider

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color coded map

Color-coded measurement grouping

Distribute color-coded site maps to prospects, customers, and crews to keep everyone on the same page.

  • Create your job plan by indicating the services to be performed with color
  • Boost job site efficiency by assigning crews to specific color areas on the plan
  • Ensure outcomes align with expectations using the site map as the source of truth

Go iLawn InstantEstimator™

Save time and get automated time and materials estimates as you measure.

  • Over 40 built-in production rates for various services, materials, and equipment
  • Fine tune your estimates for property difficulty with the ComplexitySlider™
  • See time and material estimates per service for the entire job

instant estimator

Go iLawn ShareView™

Share non-editable but interactive site maps with non-account holders to align all stakeholders on the job plan.

  • Send to prospects to visually explain the work to be done and align expectations
  • Maintain control of your data by hiding or showing measurement values
  • Send to crews to ensure proper work execution (works on desktop and mobile)

“Go iLawn paid for itself by almost eliminating windshield time for on-site estimates and increasing the estimates per day.”

Suzy Ellis, NuLeaf Lawncare

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